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Wakesurf Boards and Accessories

The sport of Wakesurfing has cruised through the water sports and wake scene over the past few years. Wakesurfing is different than waterskiing or wakeboarding in that you are using the wake generated by the boat to maintain forward motion. Using the steep face of the wake to ride, similar to surfing, means the rider can let go of the tow rope or handle and ride freely on an endless surf wave. Miami Nautique International has all the supplies you need to enjoy wakesurfing. From the latest wakesurf boards from top brands like Ronix, Liquid Force and Hyperlite to specially designed wakesurf tow ropes, we've got you covered for all your endless wave riding needs.

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Armstrong HS1250  Foil Kit Armstrong HS1250 Foil Kit
Our Price: $2,299.99
2022 Hyperlite ARC 2022 Hyperlite ARC
Our Price: $1,249.99
2022 Hyperlite Accelerator 2022 Hyperlite Accelerator
Our Price: $1,249.99
Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil
Our Price: $1,149.99
2022 Hyperlite Frother 2022 Hyperlite Frother
Our Price: $999.99
2022 Hyperlite Wingman 2022 Hyperlite Wingman
Our Price: $849.99
2021 Hyperlite Wingman 2021 Hyperlite Wingman
Our Price: $849.99
2021 Hyperlite Droid 2021 Hyperlite Droid
Our Price: $849.99
2022 Hyperlite Automatic 2022 Hyperlite Automatic
Our Price: $749.99
2022 Hyperlite UTE 2022 Hyperlite UTE
Our Price: $699.99
2022 Hyperlite Shim 2022 Hyperlite Shim
Our Price: $539.99
2022 Hyperlite Shim Jr. 2022 Hyperlite Shim Jr.
Our Price: $479.99
Hyperlite Surf Sock Hyperlite Surf Sock
Our Price: $39.99