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Wake Foils & Hyrdofoils

Wake foils and hydrofoils are a great way to experience riding on the water like never before.

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a total beginner, wake foils are fun and exciting for all levels. Both the Slingshot Wakefoiler and the newly released, The WakeFoil are super fun to ride in any water condition. Being able to ride in water conditions you wouldn't have before because with a wake foil, you're riding above the water! Making it the perfect ride for rough water conditions.

Regardless of the water conditions, the wake foil gives you the feeling of perfectly glass water because you are riding ABOVE the water. Wake foils offer a riding experience like no other and are guaranteed to have everyone in the boat asking to try it again and again. Hydrofoil wakeboards are not exactly a new thing, but with models being released from some of the most well know brands in the watersports industry, these types of rides are gaining popularity quickly.

"Riders have described the feeling as similar to a backcountry powder run, or surfing in the clouds. The Wakefoiler is the ultimate toy for a mid-day session when the wind picks up and chop ruins conditions for regular wakeboarding,"

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Armstrong HS1250  Foil Kit Armstrong HS1250 Foil Kit
Our Price: $2,299.99
2023 Armstrong WKT Board Armstrong WKT Foil Board
Our Price: $1,349.99
Armstrong WS Board Armstrong WSB
Our Price: $1,199.99
Our Price: $1,199.99
2023 Liquid Force Orb Foil Liquid Force ORB Foil Board
Our Price: $1,199.99
Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil
Our Price: $1,199.99
2023 Hyperlite UTE 2023 Hyperlite UTE
Our Price: $799.99
Liquid Force Nebula Foil Board Liquid Force Nebula Foil Board
Sale Price: $599.99
Savings: $200.00
2023 Hyperlite Shuttle 2023 Hyperlite Shuttle
Our Price: $499.99