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Hyperlite Wakesurf Boards

Hyperlite's patented foam processes and infused glass technology guarantee these surfers are unlike anything seen before in the sport.

The Hyperlite & Varial Surf partnership is the first of its kind bringing expert knowledge into the world of Wakesurfing. Based in Ventura, California Hyperlite is honored to have these boards built right here in the United States. Chances are you already know this - Hyperlite has never been so connected with their fellow wake enthusiasts. The #iRideHyperlite program is a force to be reckoned with.

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2021 Hyperlite RIOT 2021 Hyperlite RIOT
Our Price: $1,249.99
2021 Hyperlite Trifecta 2021 Hyperlite Trifecta
Our Price: $1,199.99
2021 Hyperlite Wingman 2021 Hyperlite Wingman
Our Price: $799.99
2021 Hyperlite OCKA 2021 Hyperlite OCKA
Our Price: $999.99
2021 Hyperlite Raygun 2021 Hyperlite Raygun
Our Price: $1,249.99
2021 Hyperlite Exacta 2021 Hyperlite Exacta
Our Price: $1,199.99
2020 hyperlite Mothership 2020 hyperlite Mothership
Our Price: $1,249.99
2021 hyperlite Satellite 2020 Hyperlite Satellite
Our Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $499.99