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2023 Hyperlite UTE W/ Commander 1300 Foil Kit


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Brian Grubb championed the UTE shape as a great foil board along with the ability to ride the wave as traditional wakesurfer. The UTE is now offered as a complete Foil Kit with a mid-sized mast and wing assembly, ideal for intermediate to advanced riders looking to take their foil game to new heights. The Reinforced DuraShell construction yields a lightweight and durable board for more advanced maneuvers. Machined EVA Traction provides a solid grip and the UTE's Adjustable Foot Straps offer added security for those airing out of the water. Shaped by Butch, the UTE was designed with true surfing in mind while also functioning as a foil board or strap surfer.

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CONSTRUCTION FEATURES•Reinforced DuraShell •EPS Core•Single Concave Base•Layered Glass•LAP Construction•Adjustable Foot Strap Interface •Foil Track Mounting System •Tail Profile – Wide•Tail Shape – Rounded Square•Machined EVA Traction - Diamond•Shaper: Butch CustomsKIT INCLUDES•UTE Board•Commander 1300 Foil Assemblyo Carbon Fiber / 6061T Aluminum Constructiono Beginner Friendly Stable Wing Design with added Maneuverability COMMANDER 1300 FOIL ASSEMBLYAll-Ability Level Foil Assembly with Carbon & Aluminum PartsThe Commander 1300 is an all-ability level Foil Assembly built with a mix of carbon and aluminum parts. The front wing is prepreg carbon fiber with a polyurethane core measuring at 1328.6 cm2 and the rear wing lands at 227 cm2. The fuselage and mast are constructed with high quality 60/61T Aluminum, fuselage is 60.3 cm in length and the mast has a depth of 28.52”. The Commander 1300 utilizes M8 hardware throughout and will pair with any foil board on the market today. CONSTRUCTION FEATURES / SPECS•Carbon Fiber & 6061T Aluminum Construction•Beginner Friendly Stable Wing Design with added Maneuverability •Front Wing – Carbon Fiber / PU Foam Core o Wingspan: 72.6 cm (28.57”)o Wing Chord: 18.3 cm (7.2”)o Wing Area: 1328.6 sq cm (205.9 sq inch)o Aspect Ratio: 4:1o Wing Angle: 0.6 Degrees•Rear Wing – Carbon Fiber / PU Foam Coreo Wingspan: 34.1 cm (13.43”)o Wing Chord: 9.1 cm (3.58”)o Wing Area: 227 sq cm (35.2 sq inch)o Aspect Ratio: 5.1:1o Wing Angle: -2.5 Degrees•Mast – Aluminum Extrusion 6061To Height: 72.5 cm (28.52”)o Chord: 11.5 cm (4.53”)•Fuselage – Machine Aluminum 6061T o Length: 60.3 cm (23.75”)•Fasteners – M8


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