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Ski-Doc Gopro Style Tripod Adapter Ski-Doc Smartphone Adapter Ski-Doc Wing Gauge Set
Ski-Doc Wing Gauge Set
Our Price: $39.00

Gopro Style Tripod Adapter

​ ​

The Ski-Doc Camera Mounts are using a traditional tripod screw to attach most cameras, however the GoPro and some Action cameras use the GoPro style system to attach the camera. If you want to use a GoPro camera with the Ski-Doc Camera Mount, you will need this Tripod Mount Adapter. It does not include a screw.

Smartphone Adapter

Attach your Smartphone to the Ski-Doc camera mounts. Holds most sizes of smartphones. The adapter attaches with the standard tripod screw on the camera mounts.

Ski-Doc Wing Gauge Set

​ ​

The Ski-Doc Wing Gauge Set is precision cut 2 in 1 style gauges. Each gauge has two angles which for a set provides a wide range of angles. The angles are: 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10 Included is a case that perfectly fits and protects the gauges and keep the organized.

Ski-Doc Fin - Recorder O'Neill Side Print Short Sleeve Rash Guard for Women (Nectar) Miami Nautique Limited Edition - 2 Color Boardshorts
Ski-Doc Fin - Recorder
Our Price: $45.00

Ski-Doc Fin - Recorder

Your skiing does not feel right. What is wrong? Is it the ski, boat driver, the conditions? It definitely can be the skier! Sometimes, it can be hard to rule out where the problem is. This is why we offer the Ski-Doc Fin-Recorder.

This is a neat too that attaches to the fin and you will be able to see, if the fin is in the position you had it set up for. Best of all, it is really easy to use and NO calipers are needed!

When the ski has the setting you like and want to save, you attache the Fin-Protector to the fin, tighten the wing nuts and your fin setting has been recorded. You can then keep the Fin-Recorder in a safe place and take it out when you want to check, if everything is in the right spot.

If the fin has moved you simply loosen the Hes screws on the fin clamp, so the fin blade can move freely. Then take the Fin-Recorder and attach it to the fin. Move the Fin-Recorder and fin until the register tabs touch the tail and the bottom of the ski. Now tighten the Hex screws on the fin clamp and you have your favorite fin setting back.

Fits both 4 and 5 hole fins.

Ski-Doc Rainbow - Wing Gauge Set Ski-Doc Classic Camera Mount Ski-Doc Tool Tray
Classic - Camera Mount
Our Price: $69.00
Ski-Doc Tool Tray
Our Price: $95.00

Ski-Doc Rainbow - Wing Gauge Set

The Rainbow Wing Gauge Set. Color coded gauges makes it easy to identify the angles.

The full size angles are: 6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11

A handy case is also included.

Ski-Doc Classic - Camera Mount

The Ski-Doc Camera Mount is a great training tool and a sure way to improve your skiing.

Recording your set is easily done by the driver or passenger. All that is needed is to turn on the camera and let the camera mount do the job of following the skier.

The Ski-Doc Camera Mount sits on the pylon and with the help of the rope it is guided and follows the skier.

When the rope is shortened the Camera Mount with the camera is pulled off and the loose end is just pulled out through the other rope channel. It is very easy to do.

There are 3 different models that fit recent Ski Nautiques, Malibu and MasterCraft. If in doubt, contact us.

Ski-Doc Tool Tray

The Tool-Tray makes it easy to keep the tools you need to work on your skis organized.

There are dedicated spaces for screws, T-handle hex key (Bondhus), rope fid, pen, notepad, calipers (dial or digital), wing-gauges, measuring tape and several pockets for screws, washers etc.

It is easy to assemble, Just unscrew the existing tray and back bar. Use 6 screws to mount the new tool tray.

Orbit - Camera Mount Ski-Doc 10-4 Workstation Ski-Doc Tool Tray - Workstation
Orbit - Camera Mount
Our Price: $159.00
Ski-Doc 10-4 Workstation
Our Price: $249.00

Ski- Doc Orbit Camera Mount

This Camera Mount clamps around the pylon under the rope attachment, where the trick release typically sits and makes the camera or Orbit around the pylon.

The Camera attachment is placed to the side, so it is not in the way for the driver when shortening the rope. The rope guides stick up from the mount and follow the movements of the rope. There is nothing attached over the mount that will make it difficult to shorten the rope.

Fits most recent tournament ski boats. Does not fit Wakeboard towers.

1990 - 1996 - Special clamp1-3/8"
1997 - 2020 - Standard clamp 2"

Ski Nautique:
1992 - 2001 - Special clamp 2-1/2"
2002 - 2020 - Standard clamp 2"

2000-present Standard clamp 2"

The Camera Mount comes with the standard 2" clamp, if you do not select a special clamp. (smartphone and/or GoPro style adapters are not included)

10-4 Workstation

The 10-4 workstation helps you work on your ski in several positions, heights and angles. Simply spin the Workstation to one of the 4 sides and find the position that is best for the task. You can have the tail up, down, angled horizontal or vertical - just experiment and find one of the 10 positions that can hold the ski the most convenient way for you.

The Workstation is constructed from a high grade plastic that will not scratch or mark your ski, and it is installed with rubber bumpers and pads that protect and hold the ski in place.

The Workstation is strong and sturdy and can last for many years.

A convenient tray with a cork inlay is included for your most important tools, screws etc.

Tool Tray - Workstation

The Ski-Doc Workstation with the tool tray is the perfect tool for working on your slalom ski. The Workstation holds the ski in any position needed to make adjustments without the risk of dropping or damaging the ski.

The Tool-Tray offers an easy way to organize your tools. There are dedicated spaces for screwdrivers, T-handle hex-keys (Bondhus), fid, pen, notepad, calipers (dial and digital), wing-gauges, measuring tape and several pockets for screws, washers etc.

The Workstation is constructed from a high quality grade material that will not scratch your ski.