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Miami Nautique's brand new multi colored Stitching S-LINE COMPETITION SLALOM HANDLE STRAIGHT Masterline Radius Custom Pro-Tect Water Ski Handle

Miami Nautique Water Ski Thin Gloves Hunter Camo

Exclusive Miami Nautique fit. Designed in house, these gloves provide the best grip and have a the best life on the market.

* Pre-curved power wrist strap
* Double stitched tab locking system
* Extended wrist length for comfort and durability
* Specially designed palm stitching for increased glove life
* Double padded pressure points to prevent friction, blisters, and wear
* Palm design for added grip and handle feel

Measurement in Inches

Glove Size

Up to 6.5"


6.5" to 7"


7" to 7.5"


7.5" to 8"


8" to 8.5


8.5" to 9"


9" to 9.5"

X-Large (XL)

9.5 to 10

2X-Large (XXL)

Measurement: around the hand at the widest point of the hand (usually the knuckles).

This is the second generation of our water ski gloves, even better than before!
Also available in Yellow & Pink

Connelly Big Daddy Oversized Slalom Ski 2023 / Front Adj w Adj RTS Goode Avalon Trick Ski
Goode Avalon Trick Ski
Our Price: $1,290.00

Connelly Big Daddy Oversized Slalom Ski 2023 / Front Adj w Adj RTS (size 9-14)

The over 220 lb. skier will appreciate 550 square inches of surface area. A wide tip and tail, combined with C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System), allows for effortless deep water starts. The narrow underfoot design and forgiving flex pattern provides smooth performance at speeds 28 mph and under.


  • Shadow with Lace Adjustable Rear Toe Plate
  • Front Adjust Velcro with Adjustable Rear Toe Standard
  • Front Adjust Velcro with Adjustable Rear Toe Standard


Aluminum drop through fin

The Big Daddy is 69 inches in length with a 10 inch fore body tapering down to a 5 inch tail. The Big Daddy offers a total surface area of 550 square inches. The size of the Big Daddy makes it extremely forgiving at 28 mph and slower. If you are 220 lbs or above you will really love what this oversized waterski has to offer. Because of the larger size, this waterski can also help men who have never gotten up on a slalom ski before to learn deep water starts on one ski.

Swerve with RTS fits a wide range of foot sizes and is the best deal. All front boots offered with this ski will fit either foot, right or left foot forward, interchangeably.