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Slingshot Wakeboards

Slingshot wakeboards are pure performance beasts that provide superior traction and narrow profile designs for improved responsiveness on the water. Some of the boards in this line were designed by professionals like Dylan Miller and are engineered for competition-level performance. Others were crafted with the new wakeboarder in mind. These boards are handmade in the United States and built to a strict set of quality standards. We carry a large selection of Slingshot boards to choose from, including the most popular Pearl and Reflex models! Riding a Slingshot Wakeboard gives you the style and freedom on the water, that only Slingshot can provide.

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ZUUPACK Wake Binding ZUUPACK Wake Binding
Our Price: $574.99
Rad Wake Boot Rad Wake Boot
Our Price: $449.99
Jewel Wake Binding Jewel Wake Binding
Our Price: $499.99
Space Mob Wake Boot Space Mob Wake Boot
Our Price: $579.99
CopyCats Wake Boot CopyCats Wake Boot
Our Price: $575.99
Grom EverShred Wake Boot Grom EverShred Wake Boot
Our Price: $299.99
Space Grom Wakeboard Space Grom Wakeboard
Our Price: $429.99
Nomad Wakeboard Nomad Wakeboard
Our Price: $489.99
Solo Wakeboard Solo Wakeboard
Our Price: $539.99
Slingshot Native Slingshot Native
Our Price: $539.99