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Connelly Bentley Wakesurf Board 2021 Hyperlite Wingman Liquid Force Space Pod Wakesurf Board 2021
2021 Hyperlite Wingman
Our Price: $799.99
Thermo Shell combines compression molded durability with the lightweight, high-performance capabilities of an epoxy wakesurf board. Shaped using a hybrid skim/surf design the Bentley is fast and maneuverable, outperforming surf boards that are twice the cost. Twin 3.6" flat foil fins provides grip and drive while on edge, but can still break free off the lip. Buy this great surfer today!

4' 4" - Orange
4' 9" - Blue

2021 Hyperlite Wingman

Scott Bouchard has shaped a board that drives speed and creates lift for airs, all wrapped up in a compact size for maximum mobility. Meant to be ridden as a twin fin in the forward placements or as a quad fin with smaller fin sets. The fin placements mirror high performance surfboards, delivering great tracking and speed with explosive acceleration. "Go Big or Go Home" Butch says with respects to his latest creation. The compact outline is very manoeuvrable thanks to its hard wing rear outline and it has enough width and volume to provide a stable ride for beginners. The Wingman's deep single concave bottom with vented tail channel gives it tons of drive even when riding straight towards the boat. Grab the Wingman for driving into the air section and going huge.
Liquid Force Space Pod Wakesurf Board 2021

Shaped by the master himself, Jimmy Redmon, the Space Pod wakesurf board is the highest performance surfboard in our line. The parallel outline allows for a narrower wakesurfer that is quicker and easier to turn. The split tail increases drive and hold and the increased nose and tail rocker add maneuverability. The CNC’d lightweight EPS stringer core and LF exclusive carbon innegra deck with the carbon tape reinforced hull makes this board a light and durable wake bashing machine. Add in the carbon fin quad set up and you have the ultimate board in the Atomic Series.

Fin Set Up: QUAD (Carbon LFX Side Fins w/ Stubbie Trailer Fins)
Shaper: Jimmy Redmon

  • EPS Foam with Surf Stringer
  • Single to Double Concave Hull
  • Carbon/Innegra Reinforced Deck
  • Carbon Tape Bottom
  • V Tail
  • Fiberglass Hand Lamination

Liquid Force Space Pod Wakesurfer 2020

Specs and Sizing

Hyperlite Accelerator Wakesurf Board 2021

Hyperlite Accelerator Wakesurf Board 2021

The Accelerator wakesurf board is a modern twist on a classic board design that has been trusted throughout the years. This little high performance twin fin will accelerate in and out of turns, and the wide cut swallow tail will allow you to easily boost above the lip. We designed a double wing on each rail to give the board a little bite so you won't be too squirrely with the twin fin set up. There is plenty of volume in the tail and under the front foot which give the board great cruising speed. However, a modern entry rocker and a single double concave gives the board controlled speed so all you need to do is lean forward and stomp the gas pedal. Built with Varial Foam and Infused Glass technologies, these materials are strong and hyper-responsive: think about a maneuver and it just happens.

*Fins and traction sold separately