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Warp 14 Slalom Water Ski

Warp 14 Slalom Water Ski
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Warp 14 Slalom Water Ski

After a three year break it is back... better than ever!
Our newest model, the brand new Warp14 with increased production technology, improved performance and quality...for a better price!


Since we entered the marked in summer 2007, we saw many smiles in the face of Warp skiers. We also heard so many times, that theWarp is sooo different than every other ski.
But why?
First of all, the Warp has no other material than space-proofed carbon fiber.This material is so expensive and challenging to handle that only air- and space as well as formula 1 are using this technology to produce there parts.
The patented Clou is that we adjust the flex not by adding more material, but by changing the orientation of carbon in some or all of our frames.
That means a stiffer ski has the same weight than a soft ski. Or the other way around, no matter how soft you will order your ski...with proper use it will not break!
Thatʼs what one of our patents on this ski!
Compared to our competitors we think that is one ofthe best advantages to ski with a safe felling and no risk of heavy injury cause by material error.
The weight of the ski before adding the Finbox and painting is close to 1000g.


Simply because size does not matter - at least not skiing.
We found out that with the ideal size and the opportunity of fully adjustable flex numbers we can cover 85 -90% of our potential male customer.
Since we want to see fantastic performance of female skiers also, we currently working on a female Warp...

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