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Wakeboards, Wakeboard Equipment and Gear

As the design and technology of wakeboards and wakeboard equipment continuously change, the wave of enthusiasm around the sport only continues to grow. Choosing a board or wakeboard equipment may sometimes become difficult for a new rider as today's boards provide a variety of features for different types of riding styles, and skill levels. That's why we make sure Miami Nautique is a true pro shop instead of a water sports retailer.
Our team of staff is made up of true athletes who actually use the gear you're looking for. Not only do they truly understand the equipment, they are also skilled technicians. Wondering where to put your bindings? Or what fins to use? We pride ourselves on getting you dialed in before you hit the water.
If you prefer to shop online, you'll easily find wakeboards and wake accessories from Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Ronix, and Slingshot that will ideally match your riding style, skill level, and where you plan to ride be it behind a boat or at the cable park.
Due to our long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers in the industry, we have a great selection of boards, wakeboarding gear and wakeboard equipment including packages, bindings, helmets, and other accessories for women, men, and younger riders. Our inventory includes gear by Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Ronix and other brands. Our pro shop is located in South Florida since 1998. Give us a call at 305-438-9464. We're here to help you out!