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Goode Nano One XT

Goode NANO OneXT
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Goode Nano 1 XT (Asymmetrical)

Introducing the 2017 editions of the Nano 1and Nano 1XT, newly enhanced versions of one of the most popular and award-winning GOODE shapes of all time.

Available with either the traditional rocker (Nano 1), or asymmetrical rocker (Nano 1 XT), both skis feature the world-record breaking performance the Nano 1 series is known for, along with new graphics and an enhanced sidewall design that enlarges the sweet spot under the skier’s feet and improves tip-to-tail balance.

Nano 1 and Nano 1XT: What’s the Difference?

Both skis employ the same shape, construction material, exacting manufacturing process, and new sidewall design, but there is one key difference between them: the rocker profile.

The Nano 1 has a traditional rocker, meaning the ski’s rise from flat part of the ski to the tip begins at the same spot on both the on- and off-sides of the ski. The Nano 1 has a higher rocker quotient than the Nano 1XT, which many skiers find turns slightly better.

The Nano 1XT features the groundbreaking AsymRocker™, an asymmetrical rocker that begins at different points of the ski; earlier on the off-side, later on the on-side. Many skiers like the earlier rocker rise on their off-side because it allows the ski to finish the turn a bit better before engaging the fore body of the ski. The AsymRocker also allows the Nano 1XT to be slightly flatter than the Nano 1, which increases side-to-side speed, without sacrificing turning capabilities.

Features Found on Both the Nano 1 and Nano 1XT:

Genius Bevels™

The bevels on the Nano 1 and Nano 1 XT feature a sharper bottom edge, which allows the ski to track better up course, while drastically reducing down-course slipping that makes skiers late and narrow. You’ll experience an easy, comfortable, yet extremely stable and solid connection to the water that gives you more confidence and quicker edge-to-edge performance throughout the turn and as you build angle across the wake.

One Shape™

The shape of the Nano 1 and Nano 1XT – narrower than the mid and wider than traditional – fits into a category of its own. Skiers of all types will immediately feel the One Shape’s phenomenal turning performance, tighter radius, and bigger sweet spot. Designed to keep the ski moving through the turn, this shape is ridiculously easy and forgiving to ski while at the same time solid and smooth.

Nano Carbon Construction – Lighter, Stronger, Better Performance

It was an industry first when we introduced our innovative nano carbon fiber construction. It is proven to enhance performance. GOODE skis constructed from nano carbon fiber and resin have higher strength-to-weight ratios and are lighter and stronger than skis built from traditional carbon fiber. Nano carbon raises the performance bar to a higher level.

Technology and Engineering That Makes A Difference

No one is more passionate about pushing the envelope of technology than GOODE. We’re committed to designing, engineering and building advanced technology that will truly exceed your expectations and take your skiing to the next level.

Additional Features

  • Nano 1 XT Asymmetric Rocker design – available in right or left foot forward models.
  • Nano 1 Traditional Rocker design – available in right or left foot forward models.
  • Both the Nano 1 and Nano 1XT come factory installed with brass inserts that are a fraction of the weight of those used by other manufacturers.
  • Precision finbox.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • 2 week Demo Period Available
  • Handmade in Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.

Recommended Ski Sizes

  • 64″ – Skier's weight up to 155 pounds-
  • 65.25″ – Skier's weight up to 195 pounds
  • 66″ – Skier's weight between 165 to 220 pounds
  • 66.75″ – Skier's weight 195 pounds and up.

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