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Goode Bubble Buoy System
Goode Bubble Buoy System
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Goode Bubble Buoy System

The BubbleBuoy is a new water ski turn buoy that is designed to reduce the risk of injury when impacting a buoy during shortline competitive skiing,” said Dave Goode. ”Last October, I broke my left ankle when I hit 2 buoy at 38′ off. I spent the last 8 months healing and developing a buoy that would be safer than traditional, old-school, air inflated buoys,” Goode continues.

“Over my water skiing years, I have broken my ankle 3 times from buoy strikes. I also have personally spoken to 51 skiers who have broken their ankles last year alone due to contact with buoys!,” Goode states.

”The injury mechanism develops when a ski hits a traditionally air inflated buoy and it is sent into the air. When the ski impacts the water again, generally on your offside turn, the stored energy while airborne is concentrated to the water impact, which is like jumping off of a 2nd story balcony! No binding can be designed to release through the ski, we just need to reduce the possibility and height of the ski going airborne.

One hour after I broke my ankle last fall, I vowed never to ski around another traditionally air inflated buoy!”, Goode concludes.

A water ski turn buoy has two functions:

  1. It must provide strong upward floatation in order to maintain proper course alignment.
  2. It needs to function as a marker for the skier to turn around.

Traditional buoys have compressed air inside which provides the necessary buoyancy, however, this same upward force is what sends a skier's ski into the air upon impact.

The BubbleBuoy separates these two functions. The BubbleBuoy has an underwater sub-buoy component that provides the necessary upward force and then just "floats a bubble of air" on the water for the needed marking function. It is this separation of function that makes the BubbleBuoy safer than traditional air-inflated buoys. There is no compressed air inside of a BubbleBuoy.

The durable BubbleBuoy dome is constructed with a 55 durometer material that is softer than traditional buoys. The bright fluorescent orange color is easier to see than traditional red buoys, especially in the evening light.

The BubbleBuoy dome is fastened to an internal frame that acts like a sub-buoy. The BubbleBuoy is designed to be easy to install and easy to maintain.

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