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D3 Helix Slalom Water Ski
D3 Helix Slalom Water Ski

The product has been discontinued and no longer available for purchase. Browse the latest version here

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Availability: Discontinued
Product Code: D3-HELIX-GS-WATER-SKI-2014

Product Details

D3 Helix Slalom Water Ski

All D3 skis now come with an insert hole pattern that accommodate both D3 and HO binding plates. HO EXO Bar System requires adapter plates.

Speed and Precision. The two words echoed over and over from our test team of skiers. The new Helix is built for skiers looking for the ultimate blend of effortless speed and precise turns. As soon as you come out of the water the Helix GS comes alive. This all new ski design rides higher in the water when compared to previous D3 models. Its agility and nimble feel from edge to edge are very easy to adapt to. The Helix GS delivers a feeling of absolute control in all aspects of the turn and thru the wakes. The smaller bevel design combined with a very precise control of water direction over the ski bottom create speed and instant acceleration that is apparent from the first turn. Edge pressure, when applied to the Helix results in instant acceleration. The reduction in effort is so dramatic the Helix reduces the impact a skier creates on the tow-boats speed control system. The less impact the skier creates on the speed control the easier it is for skiers to stay “connected” from buoy to buoy. The end result, effortless passes and bigger scores. The Helix GS is the complete slalom package.

Here are the four basic design features that comprise the new Helix GS.

SHAPE - The Helix GS starts by sharing some basic DNA with the world record holding Quest utilizing the same topographical shape. The Helix shape allows for skiers to feel a strong connection with the center of the ski. The fulcrum point or “sweet spot is accurately placed to keep the skier balanced at all times.

EDGES/BEVELS – The Helix’s GS precision bevel system is primarily responsible for its lively personality. The tip to tail bevel assembly creates a precise running surface for the water to flow down. We call it a bevel assembly because we use multiple radius in the construction of the bevel. The bevel design blends very subtlety as the ski begins to get narrower. Much as skis are not the same width from tip to tail the demands on the bevel assembly change as the ski gets progressively narrower and thinner. The water flow is directed very accurately down the edge of the Helix GS creating a precise feel and reducing skier effort significantly. Overall the width of the bevel assembly is slightly reduced when compared to the Quest. This makes the Helix GS ride higher and travel faster on the water.

ROCKER – This is the side-view shape or curvature affectionately known as rocker. This shape is hyper critical to the success of any high performance slalom ski. It can also be the most difficult feature to control as lay-up and laminate schedule can greatly effect rocker shape. We look at rocker this way. Start with the flat spot where the Helix draws its stable ride. Where the flat begins and ends is paramount. This controls the skis ability to ride level and puts the skier directly in the sweet spot. Once the flat is accurately located we then control how the rocker exits the flat both fore and aft. The tip controlling the entrance to the turn and ski direction as it casts out to width while the rear controls the finish of the turn and cross-course hold. This rise over distance is meticulously designed and then closely monitored in production. This shape is as important as the final tail and tip rocker measurements which are also monitored closely. Tail rocker shape is controlled and now ADJUSTABLE via our patented Rockerblock fin blocks.

FLEX – With a minimum of rocker required (thanks to Rockerblock) flex is a key component of the Helix GS design. In general we run softer than our competition. This is by design. Speed comes from the hull design and bevels while a forgiving ride and stability come from flex. We are so confident that our flex numbers are accurate we have always documented them on each and every ski we produce.

More R&D time and effort has been placed on the Helix GS program than any ski in the 12 year history of D3 Skis. At D3 we inspect and document every ski that is produced. Our attention to detail and consistency in production are your guarantee that you are in for a great season on the new D3 Helix.

The 2014 Rockerblock has been re-designed improving fin security, streamlining the overall shape and finally changing all adjustment screws to one common size. Yes, only one 5/32” Allen tool is needed to adjust and securely lock in place the Accuset fin blade.

Because different types of skiers have different needs we have designed two optional Rockerblock models to give skiers the ability to further fine tune their ski. Now a skier with different performance requirements can fine tune his or her Helix GS perfectly to suit their specific style. Standard R-30 will come with each new Helix GS. The new R-45 and R-60 Rockerblock models are now available.

- 100% carbon graphite laminates- Resulting in the lightest, strongest construction with lightning fast rebound.

- Balanced tip to tail width- The fore-body and tail widths have been designed to work in unison resulting in a level ride that keeps the skier directly over the fulcrum point of the ski.

- Bevel assembly- From tip to tail the Helix GS bevel assembly has been designed for lift and speed. The water is directed very accurately down the edge of the ski creating precise direction and control. The Helix has the unique ability to turn edge pressure into instant acceleration.

- Shallow concave shape in the fore-body of the ski- The fore-body of the Helix GS allows the skier to easily transfer weight to the tip with minimal body movement. The Helix GS engages the off-side turn with amazing ease.

- Programmed flat spot and closely monitored rise over distance- The Helix GS has a very effortless, level ride. The rocker and flat spot are designed for a stable, center stance.

- The intersection of the concave and the lowest bevel has been re-created. The result is a small flat area under both sides of the length of the front foot- The flat area expedites the skis ability to move fluidly from edge to edge. The ski casts out to the apex of the turn with the skier in absolute control.

- Universal insert pattern- The Helix GS comes standard with inserts to accommodate both D3 and HO bindings. Also available with no inserts for dual–lock application.

- Zero Tolerance manufacturing- The D3 production facility located in Ellensburg, Washington USA is “state of the art” in every way. Each ski is carefully inspected and must pass strict criteria for rocker, flex, weight and flat spot before it receives a serial #. All D3 skis are documented and filed under their born-on- date and serial #.

Comes standard with R-30ROCKERBLOCK, fin blade, wing and all mounting hardware.

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