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Slalom Water Skis

Slalom water skis come in a variety of sizes, shapes and features. Each of which can make all the difference when you get out on the water. Partnering with well-known manufacturers allows us to offer you a large selection of water skis from some of the top brands in the industry, including: HO, Radar, Connelly, Razor, Goode, D3, Mapple and Reflex. Slalom water skis in our catalog vary in performance and characteristics depending on their specific construction. Some of the main features that distinguish the various slalom skis include overall ski curvature (also called "rocker") that affects the ski turn radius, materials used in the ski design that define stiffness and surface area, and the shape that is responsible for stability on the water. Aside from these primary features, most of the slalom skis can be customized with the bindings of choice. Binding options recommended for particular slalom skis usually include double boot and adjustable or hybrid rear toe plate. In addition, slalom water skis come in different sizes, where each size should match an individual skier's weight.

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Reflex Ski Foil Reflex Ski Foil
Our Price: $1,500.00
The 2018 D3 EVO Slalom Ski Is Here - Tour Red THE D3 EVO 2018 - TOUR-RED
Our Price: $1,699.99
2017 Connelly GT Slalom Water Ski Connelly GT Slalom Ski
Our Price: $1,449.99
Connelly HP Slalom Ski Connelly HP Slalom Ski
Our Price: $259.99
HO OMNI Water Ski 2018 HO OMNI Water Ski 2018
Our Price: $429.99
HO EVO Water Ski 2018 HO EVO Water Ski 2018
Our Price: $359.99
Goode XTR Slalom Ski 2018 Goode XTR Slalom Ski 2018
Our Price: $1,940.00
Reflex Karma Slalom Ski 2017 Reflex Karma Slalom Ski
Our Price: $1,799.00
Goode NANO OneXT Goode Nano OneXT
Our Price: $1,940.00
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